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Hundreds and Hundreds of FREE BlackBerry Themes

Hundreds and Hundreds of FREE BlackBerry Themes

Going through this list, you will find a huge variety of themes made available by great designers all over the world

There are a ton of “Premium” themes to be found online, but I have limited this list to only free resources. If you have been looking around for a way to jazz up your BlackBerry without putting a dent in your wallet, look no further. I guarantee you will find a number of free themes to suit your taste.

Free Themes resources for your BlackBerry

This is the premiere destination for free themes for your BlackBerry. Themes4BB has created a forum which is frequented by a large number of BlackBerry owners. With free themes for all models of Blackberry and a special area set up to request themes or customized variations of already available themes, you will surely find what you are looking for here. If you don’t, you can always ask!

BlackBerry Themes available through Pinstack
The Pinstack forum has a great selection of free themes available which is broken down for all models of BlackBerry. With close to 500 FREE themes and a large amount of theme building goodies for the Plazmic Theme Builder, this is a great resource for those looking for flashy new themes, as well as those looking to build their own custom creations.

The Eveek forum has a small selection of free BlackBerry themes available to it’s members. You will have to register to gain access to the relevant posts in the forum. Look closely at each theme, as some of the themes represented here are for purchase only. I have included Eveek in my list for FREE BlackBerry themes because some of the themes available for free download are of amazing quality. Take a couple seconds to sign up and see if there is anything there for you.

BlackBerry Freaks
Check out BlackBerry themes available for free from the BlackBerry Freaks website. As with most of the other resources presented here, the themes are all broken down by BlackBerry model. Overall, a great selection of free themes here (nearly 100 available). Watch out though if you are surfing for free themes while at work, there are a couple NSFW themes presented here.

As an additional bonus, BlackBerryFreaks also has a great guide to creating your own BlackBerry themes using the Plazmic Theme Builder.

Here is a great iPhone styled theme that is available for FREE. Most iPhone themes for the BlackBerry will run you a few bucks. If you absolutely have to have that slick iPhone look and feel, try the bPhone theme from RogersMJ.

Stypod.com has links to 8 beautifully designed themes for your BlackBerry. The bPhone theme mentioned above is one of the 8 themes available here, along with 7 other well thought out designs.

The Zolved community is another location where you can find a few free themes for your BlackBerry. There are themes available for 7100 models (10 themes), 7250 models (15 themes) and 8700 models (10 themes) of BlackBerry.

While there are no screenshots available on the Zolved site, the themes are free, so try them out. If you recommend these themes to other BlackBerry owners, please leave a note in the comments.

Our friends over at BerryReview.com have been cultivating a great list of both free and commercial themes for all models of BlackBerry. While there is no way to sort out the free entries from the commercial ones, a quick scan of the page proves them quite easy to identify.

Take a look and I am sure you will be impressed. You will also find some great articles about building your own themes. Most of the themes available from BerryReview are designed for the BlackBerry 8XXX models.

This is one of the gems found on the BerryReview list of free themes mentioned above. That being said, I think the BlackBerryThemes.co.uk website deserves a mention all of it’s own.

BlackBerryThemes has well over 100 FREE themes available for 8100, 8300 and 8800 models of the BlackBerry. These are great themes folks, with screenshots provided for each. If you find yourself going back to the site over and over again for a new, fresh, free BlackBerry theme, please consider making a donation to reward the obvious work that has gone into providing these great BlackBerry themes.

Here is another great resource for free BlackBerry themes. Cherrichiodo has undergone a redesign in the past few months that has seen her site focus more on the premium side of things. There are still a good number of free themes and wallpapers for most of the BlackBerry devices on the market. You can check out Cherri’s free themes here.

Every theme listed on Cherrichiodo is accompanied by multiple screenshots. Search away and I am sure you will find something you like here.

Jason Calhoun
Jason Calhoun has a small offering of 6 themes built specifically for your BlackBerry. While there are only 6 free themes available, they do look great. Standouts include the 3 AT&T branded themes, they are absolutely gorgeous.

WOW! Mobile41 has over 1300 Blackberry themes that you can download absolutely free of charge. While a donation is required for any themes downloaded OTA, the entire list is available for free download to your desktop. One could spend a great deal of time looking at all of the great themes linked to here. . .I suggest you get started.

The BlueRoomSolution is a great resource for free themes for your BlackBerry. There is an active community going on here that is requesting and producing themes of all kinds for your BlackBerry. Stop by today and register to participate in the forums. You will find well over a hundred free themes to download and share with your friends.

Gemblock is a great resource for both paid and free themes. On their home page they feature a number of their premium themes available for purchase and download, but the true magic happens when you jump into their forums.

Gemblock features forums broken down by BlackBerry model including: Storm, Curve, Pearl, Bold, 8900 and 88xx series themes.

There you have it folks, a huge amount of free BlackBerry themes just waiting for you to download and install. While I am positive that this list is not “comprehensive”, I am confident that the major players are represented here.

As always, if you have any additional resources for free themes that you feel your fellow BlackBerry owners would enjoy, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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