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VV!nBorg XP December 2011 DVD

What is W!nborg XP?

If you boot with this DVD and start one of the setup routines, this will clean install a corporate edition of VV!nd0vv$ XP Pro SP3 updated to the month of release. The aim is for you to be able to stick this DVD in, quickly get setup running, and then when setup finally stops, your computer is ready to use. There are no steps in between, you don’t need to do a thing, you get a fully unattended installation of everything. This means all your device drivers installed and no critical updates need installing. You just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Actually, there are some options you can select, in particular, the Driver Packs Selector is something you’ll want to look out for as the operating system is installed because you can choose extra driver packs that aren’t selected by default and you can also un-select some to save some time for the install. You can also set the type of screen resolution you have – standard or widescreen – this will make the end result a lot more satisfying to gaze upon.

Winborg XP was created by BartOfBorg. Further development since August 2006 by Soporific.

3 different flavours of VV!nd0vv$ XP Professional SP3 to choose from:
– the choices involve whether you want:
> to use the driverpacks
> to install the OS without any tweaks or addons
> to install either the standard tweaked OS or the WinBorg one. See below for more info on the differences.

There’s a tools menu available with a choice set of tools to help you with your hardware if need be.


The driverpacks and screen resolution selection utility starts after your PC first reboots during the installation of the operating system. This is a good thing to watch out for because you can select extra driverpacks that aren’t selected by default (as shown below). It starts after your PC reboots for the first time during setup (after the blue screen part). New in the November edition of Winborg XP is the PhysX driverpack which provides extra juicy drivers for the latest graphics cards.

You can also set the style of your screen resolution. For extra impact of your new operating system right out of the box, please set this to your usual screen resolution. There are only 2 options – Standard and Widescreen. Hopefully you all know which is which — if you don’t and you have a widescreen monitor, the resolution is automatically set to 1024 x 768 (or higher) and this may not look very good. You can simply change it in Display Setting like normal, i’m just saying here that it will aid in giving you the pleasure of a good looking PC when setup is all finished.

The OS is VV!nd0vv$ XP Professional with SP3 v5512 integrated. You should not need to download any further hotfixes, and you should be able to ‘validate’ at any time with any OS you install from this DVD. When you visit VV!nd0vv$ Update, you do not have to download or install anything in order to use it, the necessary files have already been integrated.

Vista icons package
— Vanilla: the original icons were preserved.
— Standard: XPtsp
— Winborg: XPtsp
Pre-installed apps and updates
Vanilla OS option:

– Adobe Shockwave
– Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5
– Flash for Internet Explorer
– Java Runtime Environment 6 update 17
– Sop’s Visual Styles Pack
– VMware Tools

Standard & Winborg OS options:
(all Vanilla option apps, plus
– SPTD driver v1.62
– Universal Extractor 1.61
– MS .Net Framework AIO
– XVID 1.2.1 (all OS options except Vanilla)

OS Options
Here is the list of all differences between the OS options on offer:

Vanilla: only update and visual style addons were integrated, the theme and icons are untouched, it will look and feel like a standard installation of VV!nd0vv$ XP Professional. I have applied a few tweaks but they were only to get rid of the very worst and most obvious of the XP annoyances, eg, the Search Assistant dog — he was put down without mercy. Use this option if you want to tweak and theme VV!nd0vv$ XP yourself. You are still able to use unsigned themes, i applied that tweak to this option also.

Standard: all useful addons i could find were integrated into both Standard and Winborg. See the add-ons list below. Kel’s Uber Addon was not integrated. Rick’s V’ISO Vista Icons replacement pack was integrated into both Standard and Winborg.

Winborg: My Computer gets renamed to The Collective. This option is the most heavily tweaked and has the most pre-installed applications. See the add-ons list below.

Your control panel will have 60 objects after install, and the apps are all current as of date of release.

add-ons slipstreamed into this release

Vanilla OS option
XPSP3 QFE UpdatePack 1.1.5a 20091208
Cyber Icon Repair
Doug Accessibility v1.3
Doug SystemRestore v1.0
HashCheck v2.1.11
NR CursorsAIO 1.9
OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 v1.6.0
RecuvaCPL 1.33.451
Ricks Ubuntu Human Cursors
Ricks Vista RTM Fonts v1.1
Ricktendo64 Zune Theme v1.1
SnakeCracker’s Evo
The Next Os v1.1
IE8 Tweaks 1.0
PatchAddon HIVESYS v13c
Remove M!cr0$0ft Update

Standard OS option
– all Vanilla option addons plus:
AIO Black Theme by LUZR4LIFE
Kels CPLBonus v9.5
Kels Runtimes v5.6
Kels SafeXP v1.5.7.14
Reapers PC Wizard 2008 CPL
Ricks Vista Sounds Replacement
Ricks Xentient Thumbnails 1.0.2
RedDX 0.8.1 32bit
ENUs BVServices Tweaks And Descriptions
Winborg Wallpaper v3

Winborg OS option:
– all Vanilla and Standard option addons plus:
b101 DeadPixelTester 2.30c CPL
CyberPrime95 v25.6
Doug VFloppy v1.1
Kels RefreshTools CPL
Kels Uber v14.6
Reapers IP Configuration Manager CPL
Ricks NR Prio 1.98
Ricks ToolTipFixer 1.0.1
UniversalSilentSwitchFinder v1.5.0.0
xable Sysinternals Utilities AIO v1.21a

Boogy’s WMP11-Slipstreamer was used on all OS options.

Essential Tweaks
– To find out what essential tweaks will be installed

– you can choose groups of selections or you can go through the menu and choose for yourself.
– all your selections are silently installed, you don’t need to do nothin with serials, cracks or anything else, all are ready to use after rebooting your PC.
– after installations have finished, you should see a dialog box like the one in the screenshot above asking if you want to reboot.

Applications menu list for December 2009:

7-Zip 9.07
A-Squared Free
AC3 Filter 1.63b
ACDSee FotoSlate 4.0.66
Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0.2160
Acronis True Image Home 2009 v12 build 9788
AD Muncher 4.71
Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.01 Portable
Adobe Reader Lite
Adobe Shockwave
Advanced Uninstaller PRO
AI Roboform Enterprise 6.9.94
AIMP2 2.60.525
AIO Slate Theme
Alcohol 120%
allSnap 1.41
AM-Deadlink 3.3
Any Video Converter 3.01
ASPI layer drivers 4.6.1021
ATI Tray Tools
AutoPatcher Updater 1.06
AutoPlay Media Studio 7.5.1000
Autorun Virus Remover 2.3.0209
Autoruns 9.57
AveIconifier Portable 2.1
AVS Video Converter
AWicons Pro 10.0
BD Rebuilder 0.31.05
Beyond Compare
Blu-ray to DVD Pro 1.30
BS player 2.50
Bulk Rename Utility
Cain and Abel 4.9.32
ccFile Transfer
CCleaner 2.26.1050
CheckDrive 1.5
ClamWin 0.95.3
Clean Disk Security 7.81
Clock Tray Skins 4.1
CloneSpy 2.50
Comodo BackUp 2.1.117500.10
Comodo Internet Security 3.13.121240.574
Cool Edit Pro 2.1
CPU Clock Utility 2.35
Daemon Tools Lite 4.35.5
Date In Tray 1.5
Defraggler 1.15
Directory Opus
Disk Recoup 2.1
DiskCheck 1.0.75
Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier v13.0.844
DM2 v1.23.1
Drive Space Indicator
Driver Checker 2.7.4
Driver Magician Portable 3.48
Driver Sweeper 2.0.5
DVD Flick
DVD X Player Professional 4.1
DVD2one 2.3.1
Easy CD DVD Cover Creator 4.13
Electric Sheep 2.7b20f Beta
eMule 0.49c StulleMule 6.2
Everest Ultimate Edition 5.30.1954
Ext Changer 0.5
ffdshow rev 3130
File Restore 1.0
FileFacts 5.0.75
FileTypesMan 1.56
FinePrint 6.10
Flash Player for IE
Flash Player for Non-IE Browsers
FlashFolder 1.9.181
FlashFXP 3.7.9 Beta
Fonts Pack – 117 Various True Type Fonts
Fonts Pack – 400 Starting True Type Fonts
Foobar2000 1.0 beta 4
FormatFactory 1.90
Forte Agent 5.0.1171
FortKnox Personal Firewall 2009
Foxit PDF Reader
Free Download Manager 3.0.848
FreshUI 8.22
Game Booster 1.30
Game Jackal Pro
Genie Backup Manager Pro 8.0.340.510
Get All Passwords 1.21
GIMP 2.6.7
Glary Utilities Pro
Gmail Desktop Notifier
GMail Drive 1.15
GOM Player
Google Chrome
GrabIt 1.72 beta 4
Graphic Workshop Pro 3.0a.33
Hard Drive Inspector Pro 3.26.235
HashTab 3.0.0
HDD Regenerator 1.71
HDShredder Free 3.6.1
IconsExtract 1.46
Inkscape 0.47
Inno Setup 5.3.6
InstalledCodec 1.10
Internet Cyclone 1.98
Internet Download Manager 5.17
IrfanView 4.25
IsoBuster Pro 2.5
ISScript Runtimes 11.0
K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 4.0.5
K-Lite Full Codec Pack 5.51
KatMouse 1.04
Kels CPL Bonus 10.0
Kels Uber Addon 14.6
Laptop Battery Doubler 1.21
Launchy 2.1.2
LimeWire Pro 5.2.13
MagicISO 5.5.261
MailWasher Free 6.51
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.42
Media Files Toolbox November 2009
Media Player Classic
MediaInfo 0.7.25
M!cr0$0ft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
M!cr0$0ft 0ff!c3 Professional 2003 SP3
M!cr0$0ft 0ff!c3 Professional 2003 updates only
M!cr0$0ft SilverLight 3.0.40723
M!cr0$0ft Virtual PC 2007 SP1
M!cr0$0ft Visual C++ 2008
Miranda 0.8.9
Mmm 2.02
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5
Mozilla Firefox Extensions – October 2009
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0
MPEG Video Wizard DVD 4.04.112
MultiExtractor 2.72c
MultiRes 1.58
Nero Burning ROM 9.4.26
NetLimiter Pro 2.0
Network Magic 5.5.9118.2
NetWorx 5.0.7
NewsBin Pro 5.50.9337
NewsLeecher 3.9b8
NewXP Live Blue Theme by ~sagorpirbd
NOD32 Antivirus 2.70.39
NotePad++ 5.6.2
Notepad2 v3.1.21.5
0ff!c3Tab 1.22
Online Armour Free
Opera 10.10
Orbit Downloader 2.8.19
Paint.NET 3.51
Partition Wizard 4.2
PC Decrapifier 2.1.0
PDFCreator 0.98
PE Explorer 1.99 RC4
PeerGuardian 2.0 beta 6c
Perfect Uninstaller 6.2.3
PerfectDisk 10.0.124
PhotoZoom Pro 2.2.6
Pidgin 2.6.4
Piky Suite 3.0.21
PlayFLV 1.00
PowerDVD Ultra 9.0.1719
PowerISO 4.6
PowerMenu 1.51
Proactive System Password Recovery
Process Lasso 3.79.6
PSPad Editor 4.5.5 Build 2374
QuickTime Alternative Lite 3.1.0
R-Studio 4.6
Radical Image Optimization Tool 0.3.5
Real Alternative Lite 2.01
Real-DRAW Pro
RemoveIT Pro v4 SE 2009.07.02
Ricks GlassToasts Balloon Notifications
RivaTuner 2.24
RM To MP3 WAV Converter 2.15
Safari 4.0.3
Sandra Lite 2010 (16.11)
Save My Work 1.0.45
SetupS SendTo v8.0.1.0
ShellExView v1.37
Shutter 2.90
Simple Port Forwarding 2.7.0
SMPlayer 0.6.7
SnagIT 9.1.0 build 206
SopCast 3.2.4
Sops Visual Styles Pack August 2009
SP3 UxTheme Patcher 1.3
SpeedFan 4.40
SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.62
SpyDLLRemover 2.5
Stardock Fences 1.0
Stat Bar 2.406
StExBar 1.7.2
Stress Test Toolbox June 2009
Sun Virtual Box 3.0.12
Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro Preview 5.00.7
Synergy 1.3.1
SysInternals Tools September 2009
Tag&Rename 3.5.1
ThumbViewLite 1.0
Total Video Converter 3.21
Trend Micro Sysclean 6.685
Trillian Astra
TrueCrypt 6.3
TrueCrypt Mobile 6.3
TuneUp Utilities 2010 v9.0.2020.2
UberIcon 1.0.4
Ultimate Defrag 2008
UltraEdit-32 v15.20
UltraSurf 9.5
Univeral Silent Switch Finder
Universal Extractor 1.61
Unknown Device Identifier 7.00
Unlocker 1.8.8
Unstoppable Copier 3.56
uTorrent 1.8.5
Vista Mouse Cursors Addons Pack – May 2007
Vista Start Menu 3.41
VLC Media Player 1.0.3
Winamp Pro 5.56 + Plugins Pack
VV!nd0vv$ Live Messenger 14.0.8089.726
VV!nd0vv$ Vulnerability Scanner 1.36
WinImage 8.10.8100
WinPatrol 17.0.2010.0.0
WinRAR 3.90
WinSnap 2.1.6
Wireless Navigator 2.3.2
WSUS OffLine Update 6.3
XP AntiSpy 3.97.6
XVI32 Hex Editor 2.51
XYplorer 8.40.0100
Yahoo Messenger
YouTube Get 4.9.9
ZoneAlarm Pro

CRC-32: 099cffda
MD4: 9d907935cfb9699587f384f71e66c56c
MD5: 3f1fe5fb04b035c49dee1fec232307a9
SHA-1: 311678b077762370fca85693825d2715eeb010cc

Known Issues:none so far

Screen Short :
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